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Ghana, Africa

My trip to Ghana was a real eye opener. Most time we hear a story about a place or a person and we think we know that place or person, but everyone and everyplace has many stories and until we learn all of the stories, we know nothing. It's a place that is very very RICH! I'm not talking about material things. I hung out with kids on the streets at 11:00pm at night and there were no worries of a drive-by. I bought fresh fruits from ladies on the streets and they weren't worried about getting robbed. Everyone I met called me brother with a smile and I felt like I had been there before. When I went to Africa I thought Africans didn't like Black Americans, that was not true. I saw people working together. One man may have fish while the other man may have bread. It was simply amazing. It's often said that they are behind in the times, but I think we are out of touch in our time with what's the real value. In our desire to be so advance, we have lost so many of the simple things that make us human, that make us Unique, and make us family. I was so humbled by my trip to Africa and I can't wait to take my friends and family back to see how life should be. They have it figured out. Happiness is a spiritual journey that doesn't require money. Only love. That's my story, Coach Sam -1 Luv

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